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i solve my problems by blatantly ignoring them and going on the internet

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Proof (Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 2) by Metaphorest
Each day she dies a little death
In some new city
Motel, hotel, suitcase-living
Skyscraper nomad

Every chain the same
Executive desk & bedside lamp
Green-light keycard swipe
And corridor revellers - 3am

The novelty of tiny toiletries
Has long worn thin
The drone of every bathroom fan
A traveller’s tragic overture

Room service over-priced
And unsatisfying
Eaten awkwardly
On a bed for two

Badly dubbed TV shows
The familiar unravelled
Like waking up to parents
With new faces

Midnight, each night
She takes a photo
Of her own reflection
Some scant proof of her existence

But there’s nothing irrefutable
About a digital image
Nothing solid she could stand behind
And state as evidence

A copy of a copy of herself
Untethered, floating
Just a ghost
Bleeding city lights
tori (Text & Video Curator) Featured Comment: "I really love how this is written, Sarah, and it fits Marie Bee’s picture so well - you really captured the feel of the photo. The rhythm of the poem is unusual and fun to read out loud - staccoto-esque in places with the mixing of vowel sounds ("suitcase living / skyscraper nomad" is delightfully tongue-twisting) but the well-placed rhymes and longer lines really keep the reader on their toes. The way that it’s written reflects the mix of frustration, emptiness and repetition within the life of the girl - really well done."
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